My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our Christmas Letter

2014 was not the best year for me, but our family still moved along.  Thanks to many helping hands, our kids continued to grow, make happy memories, and be involved in all the activities they enjoy.

Landon turned 3 in February, started preschool, finally potty trained, learned to dress himself, and somehow is a larger 3 year old than his brother, Garrett was at this age. The only thing he loves more than super heroes, monster trucks and duplos, is he's sister, "Nina".

Alina turned 5 in October, but wishes she was 16.  She has learned to ride her bike with training wheels, loves to go to preschool, and started to swim with the Mini Dolphins this past summer.  She loves American Girls Dolls, singing and dancing when no one is watching, and all art projects.  She continues to be one of the most spicy, busy, talkative little girls you will every meet.

Taryn just turned 7 in November.  Our little social bunny is fully enjoying first grade, the magical year of learning to read. She learned ride her bike without training wheels, and began piano lessons this year. She continues to dance ballet, and swim in the summer with the Dolphins. Her best friend is still her big sister, Kendall.  Few things bring me greater joy than watching those two together.

Kendall turning 8 last January and was baptized a member a The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What a great day that was for her!  This fall, Kendall was excited to move up to higher level in ballet and is loving every moment, she started piano lessons again, swim team in the summer, She's her mothers best helper and her teachers favorite students, everyone loves the Kendall.

Garrett turned 11 in August and bridged from cub scouts to a full fledged scout, which means over night camp outs. Pure joy for our "little" adventurous boy!  He continues to play baseball and swim in the summer, and started on a basketball league this year. He's playing the violia for the second year, and his third year of playing the paino.  So proud of what a great pre-teen he is turning into.  I genuinly enjoy he's witty, fun loving, caring self.       

I pretty much spent New Years Eve 2014 till July in the hospital, doctors office, or in bed.  And the details of those events are well documented on this blog.
But we made up for it with an amazing trip to Hawaii with friends, and a little getaway to New York.  The best part of the second half of the year, was getting back to our normal crazy busy life.   

I honestly don't know when Keith sleep last year?  We had tons of help from family and friends but we would not have stayed afloat without him. 
The majority of the washing, cleaning, kid carpooling, story reading, shopping, cooking, and general care for the house, and kids,  fell on Keith all of last year. 
Not to mention being our family's only bread winner, a bishop at our church, and caring and worrying over me, the love of his life. 
I do not know how he did it all?   Quite certain, he is glad this chapter of our lives is coming to a close. 
I cannot find the word to thank all those who flew out to help us, ran errors for us, cared for the kids on Sundays for us, gave the kids rides and babysat the kids for us.  Please know your thoughts,  prayers, kind words, and concerns DID  lighten our burden, and helped us through this difficult and learning year.

Here's to a happy, healthy, and productive 2015!

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