My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I'm now about 9 weeks out from my mastectomy, and doing well.

They have removed my last two tubes, and finished expanding my chest.  My incisions have healed and  look good.  In all honesty, I still hate looking at the scars across my breasts.  Frankly, it took me two weeks after the surgery before I could make myself look at them.  I guess I was afraid of what I might see.  One thing I can say, is they are perky and hard as rocks.  Half of that is nice and the second half is painful.

I've been a little tired, and little light headed, but I'm doing better everyday. Some of it maybe due to my red blood count being low, which just takes time to build up, overall I'm improving.   So grateful that I have the strength to help the kids and lighten the load a bit for Keith.  

My hair is growing back, slowly but surely.  I have a solid boy haircut right now. Thanks to a few good friends it's no longer gray but a lovely shade of brown.

As I think back over the past few weeks, one of the greatest blessing that have come to our family through this experience, has been the opportunity for me and my kids to get to know my family and friends better.   The kids really enjoyed having my sister-in-law Lanae, my niece, Breea, and my best and oldest friend, Jenny out for these last few weeks of recovery.  And I was really glad they were here to help and allow me to heal completely.

Last week I started back up with the maintenance chemo of herceptin.  It doesn't make me sick and my hair can continue to grow.

Next week I have a needle biopsy on my thyroid to see what's the story is with that little tumor.  Mostly likely it's nothing and can be treated easily.

I go in September to replace the expanders with silicone implants, which will be one of the last steps.

We're doing great and grateful for all the love and support.  

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  1. yay! So glad you're doing well and getting to the final steps of this chapter of life….then we close the cancer book for GOOD! I'm glad you had some fun help for the kids these last couple of months too. I know they all enjoyed coming out. And I think you need to post more pixie pics!!!!!